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Note: This blog post was previously published on our prior digital company’s website – and is presented here unedited. The published date references the original date.

You may be asking – What is SignatureSatori? Well, it’s an extremely useful tool to help bring brand awareness to an unfortunately popular mode of communications – email.

UPDATE: This post was updated on March 20, 2018 to include mobile. See below.

SignatureSatori works with your existing G Suite account and allows G Suite administrators to manage the signature lines of users. Utilizing merge tags, SignatureSatori allows you to bring in your entire user list and push out whatever data you’d like included. This can include:

  • User’s name
  • Company name, links, logo
  • Social media account links
  • Marketing information
  • Anything else you can merge

The best part is, for us small businesses – it’s FREE! Currently, when you sign up for the free trial account you can push signatures for free five times. This can be five signatures to you or once to five users. It’s five free credits. After that, it’s about $1.10 to push a signature. If you buy in large bulk for several hundred credits the price drops considerably. Additionally, if you foresee many changes to ensure compliance or update marketing material, SignatureSatori does have paid monthly accounts and the per signature prices are lower as you increase monthly credits.

The SignatureSatori platform can be highly useful and customized to control your brand “look” while utilizing their free templates or editing the HTML yourself (minimal nerdiness required). With these tools you can ensure that everyone in your organization maintains consistent signatures and is highlighting your new product(s). Best of all, you only have to set up the signature once and then push it live to everyone at once or just your newest team member. The platform is very scalable and you’re taking the possibly non-techy middle-person out of the equation.

To sum it up – SignatureSatori allows G Suite Admins access to customize and change each user’s signature via templates or custom coding and merge fields. Free for the first five credits and paid monthly or per credit after that. At the cost of free, it’s worth trying! Please let us know if you need assistance setting up your SignatureSatori or G Suite accounts!

UPDATE: Need to email from your phone but want your SignatureSatori signature line to display? No problem!

While this is not native to iOS in the built-in mail app you can use your signature line in the gmail app. Just download the app and you’re good to go! You can do the same on Android, too!

Written By Erich Schwenk

Erich Schwenk is a REALTOR and Property Manager with Pineapple Property Management, powered by: Space Finder Inc. He has a passion for hospitality and has created a property management firm around high levels of customer service, communication, and transparency. Erich has a background as a web developer, videographer, photographer, and digital marketer. Bringing years of knowledge and these skills to the real estate and digital markets, he aims to help real estate investors and business owners capitalize on their investments and reach financial independence and security. With a passion to serve, Erich enjoys crafting the right deal for the right client – YOU!

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