About The Pineapple Brand Company

The Pineapple Brand Company launched in 2018 from a desire Erich and I had to live a simpler life. Our life experiences over the years helped us shape and make what is known as The Pineapple Brand Company. This is our story…..

Our journey into entrepreneurial endeavors started in 2016 when Erich encountered health problems related to stress. While working full time in digital media and communications, the long hours and additional family stress made for an unhealthy combination that sent Erich to the hospital. Following doctor’s orders, Erich was to do nothing for 6 weeks and he took the time off to begin a restructure of our life and to plan for more time with family and less time working – striving for a healthy fiscal and family balance.

In 2016, we launched EARS Digital Media, Inc. with a focus on using our creative resources to help local business compete in the online and especially social media marketplace. While successful, our entrepreneurial spirit kept us on the search for a business that better fit our family schedule and well, vibe. With two children homeschooled and one in the private school we were looking for something that we could work on early mornings and after the children’s bedtimes. Finally, in 2017 after I left my hairdressing job, Erich and I, came across soap-making. It started off as a hobby and something that we both wanted to try for fun. Oddly, we found the process soothing. Creating, forming, slicing and stamping each bar of soap with our hands gave us a sense of calm. Erich always says: “there is something about creating with your own hands”.

We were ecstatic that we found a craft we enjoyed; something we wanted to share with the world. Now, only to find a company name that meant something to us; a brand we loved and wanted to share. We toyed with several company names and eventually settled on “The Pineapple Brand Company.” We came to this conclusion one evening in bed when we were scrolling different websites. Specifically, it started with a pinecone and not a pineapple, which is actually ironic given that the pineapple got its English name from the first explorers to visit the Americas who called pineapples “pina” in 1348. The explorers called them pina to describe that the pineapples looked like pinecones. Strangely, pinecones weren’t given their name until the 1600’s.

Anyway, we fell in love with our new venture being called something with pineapple; it made sense to us. Erich is from the sunny San Diego, California, and I lived in Hawaii for some time. We love pineapples. We love the beach. We love the sun. We love the chill lifestyle of beachgoers, reggae music, slippers (flip flops), and board shorts. Thus, we settled on The Pineapple Brand Company.

As we launch this endeavor, we’re aiming high to create a brand you and I can be proud of. One that is guided by the basic core values of love and equality with a passion to serve others. We’ll strive to shop and spend locally, to help our community grow, and support other small business along the way. We’ll care for our neighbors and donate a portion of our proceeds each year to assist with environmental nonprofits that focus on our beloved beaches and more local nonprofits that help children, single parents, and domestic violence survivors.

The Pineapple Brand Company is a small business with large goals and an even larger heart. We hope you’ll keep coming back and join us on this adventure! Stand tall like a pineapple – Be Golden! 🍍

Amber Reid-Schwenk

Amber Reid-Schwenk

Queen of the Island

Erich Schwenk

Erich Schwenk

King of the Island

We are grateful to Scott Webb and his Pineapple Supply Co. project where he spreads good vibes and generously provides pineapple photos under a Creative Commons license. Thanks, Scott!

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