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You get 100%!

We help you keep more of the money you earned while providing you with the tools you need to help you accomplish your goals. 


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Our Features

Active Real Estate Broker Plan Includes 

FREE Business Cards

You select the information and Pineapple Brand business cards will be shipped right to you!

Business Class Email

You’re a real estate professional and you’ll have email to show it. Gone are the days of yahoo, gmail, or even AOL.

CRM & Transaction Management

Your CRM and email are integrated with transaction management. It’s all in one place.

Training & Support

Only the best! Get the support and training you need to succeed.

Automated Onboarding

Sign up now and have your sponsor card within minutes. It’s all automated.


Our e-sign platform is integrated with the CRM and your email. 

Earnest Funds

We hold earnest funds utilizing Wintrust Community Banks – which maintains 100+ Chicagoland locations.

E & O Included

We have your Errors & Omission insurance included! It’s important to maintain so we ensure our Active Brokers are covered.

Prompt Commission Payment

We can accomodate check or ACH payments – which ever works best for you! We process transactions daily and pay comissions as soon as possible – you earned it!

Got Questions? We’ve got answers.

If you have a question that isn’t listed below, please reach out.

Why do I have to pay monthly?

There are generally two types of brokerage firms:

  • Desk Fee – You pay a monthly or annual fee and receive a high commission amount.
  • Commission split – No monthly fees and you’ll receive less commission amounts until you reach a high cap.

We feel that brokers should make every cent they earn from their commission. We charge a monthly fee to cover the costs of our online platforms, insurance, and other business expenses. Our transaction fees are low and while our main source of revenue we focus on higher productivity through automation, saving brokers time to focus on generating more business. It’s a win-win-win for the Broker, Clients, and The Pineapple Brand Company.

Do I really get FREE Business Cards?


The why is simple: Branding and compliance.

We want to ensure you have the tools necessary to complete your job and in real estate, business cards are a necessary tool. A Google search will reveal MANY types of real estate business cards at various price points. We want to ensure consistency across our brand and ensure the necessary information for Illinois state compliance is included. To meet these goals we supply our Brokers with business cards. Need more? You got it! We’ll ship them to you.

Business Card Front Business Card Back

What about yard signs?

We can help direct you towards various styles of yard signs and companies to print, install, or manage the signs. The cost of the signs, install, etc., will be the responsibility of the Broker. This is one way we keep our costs down and your commission at 100%.

House With Yard Sign

Does The Pineapple Brand Company hold earnest monies?

Yes! We maintain seperate non-interest bearing accounts for general real estate transactions and leasing deposits (for properties we manage). These accounts are held at Wintrust Community Banks, which maintains more than 100+ branches in the Chicagoland area, including the City of Chicago, south, west, and north subburbs. Click here for all Wintrust locations. Once transactions are recorded through our custom, mobile-ready software, these community banks are able to serve our brokers.

Did you know that non-monetary items can be held was earnest to ensure preformance of the contract?  While rare, if you have a non-monetary item (car title, jewelry, crypto, etc.) to hold as earnest for a transaction, we can accomodate that, too.

Do I have to spend time in the office?

Nope. You won’t be required to staff an office or spend time on the “floor”. You may be required to attend specific trainings from time to time but not all trainings and meetings are mandatory. 

What online platform do you use?

The back-end of The Pineapple Brand Company is built on the Zoho One platform. This includes their email, CRM, e-sign, automation, and other modules. You’ll have acess to this platform, too! Need additional customizations or automations? Reach out and we’ll see what can be done to accomodate your request. 

What states do you support?

Currently we only support Illinois. Other states may be added in the future.

What is the difference I can see in my commission from my current Sponsoring Broker?

We’ve built this calculator to help you see the Pineapple Brand difference:

Association Management RFP
Please let us know any information you think may be helpful for us to submit a complete proposal.

Maximum file size: 10MB

How long do I have to stay?

We’d love for you to stay as long as you’d like! Our Sponsored Licensee agreements allow for Brokers to leave with minimal notice. 

Additional Information

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